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Music for Kids

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of teaching many young children and teenagers to play piano.

Some children are more enthusiastic to practice and learn than others – and there are individuals who have amazing ‘natural talent’. But one thing remains the same.

They all develop a tremendous sense of determination, achievement and pride when they learn to play a piece of music they really like.  They’ll play it over and over and over – until they get it!  And they can hardly wait to perform their masterpiece for me at their next lesson.

Music for Kids

Music for Kids – The Primary School Band

Almost every Primary School has a School Band and there seems to be no shortage of enthusiastic players.  Children ‘try out’ for various instruments and before they know it they’re part of The Band.

It’s a wonderful way for a child to be part of a team and belong to something special. They get to play at various school events and even though the music isn’t always that great (be honest), you wont hear a word of complaint from any of the parents.

Music for kids is great, at whatever level!

Primary School Band


Music for Kids

But I don’t like playing Soccer!

From personal experience with my youngest son, I know all boys don’t enjoy playing soccer (or any other team sport for that matter) and I’m sure all girls don’t want to play netball.

But I believe being part of a team is important for children to experience, so the School Band can sometimes ‘fill the gap’ for those children who don’t particularly enjoy team sport.

My Child’s not interested in Music

Of course, some children have no interest whatsoever in learning to play a musical instrument – and that’s absolutely fine. There are plenty of other activities to try

Music for kids is just one of many options available to parents when raising great kids.

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