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Living on the northern beaches of Sydney I visit the beach regularly, although these days it’s often just my husband and me.  My husband usually goes for a surf and I go for a long walk on the beach.  But this post isn’t about walking – it’s about building sandcastles.

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Some Things Never Change

While our teenage boys might head to the beach by themselves these days, some things never change.  Visit almost any beach on the northern beaches of Sydney, any time of the year, and there are mums and dads with their children building sandcastles – although I’ll admit it is usually the dads who get more involved.  Kids just seem to love it.  I bet it’s the same on your local beaches.

The Simple Things are Often the Best

Building sandcastles can be as simple as a couple of upturned buckets of sand with lollipop sticks stuck in the top, to sophisticated creations with spirals and moats.  Just last weekend on Manly Beach I saw the Egyptian Pyramids and a Sphinx made out of sand – along with a couple of great kids and their parents looking very proud of themselves.

But whatever you make, the simple pleasure of spending a morning or afternoon on the beach with your kids and creating something out of sand has got to be a top way of raising great kids.

Photo below taken at Gray’s Lake, Des Moines by Emily Miles of Ankeny IA

But you have to help

Have you noticed that when kids are young they love to build sandcastles – but only if you help.  It’s not just about them building sandcastle, it’s about them spending time with you.  Kids just love it when you engage with them.  As they get older they might be happy to build sandcastles on their own, but watch how their enthusiasm increases if they get other willing and interested helpers.

I’m sure most parents would agree that raising great kids does have it’s tricky moments, but sometimes it can be as simple as building sandcastles.

Raising Great Kids – Safety Comes First

Of course the beach can be a dangerous place and parents need to be particularly careful when they are there with children.  The water, the sun and even the sand can be dangerous, so take all necessary safety precautions. In Australia it’s always a good idea to swim and play between the flags.

Do you go to the beach with your children?  Do you  build sandcastles?  I’d love to hear about it.

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Jan Littlehales

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10 Responses to “Raising Great Kids – Building Sandcastles”

  1. Northern Beaches of Sydney is pure paradise. Get up there whenever I can. Great shots of the sandcastles. What a great project with your kids.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Yes, the northern beaches of Sydney is a wonderful place to bring up kids – beaches on our door-step and the city only a short drive away. There’s a real family atmosphere here too which you don’t get in every suburb. Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Lisa Wood says:

    Our boys love building sand castles! There is nothing better then getting to the beach, and watching them create amazing sculptures. Love watching my boys create.


  4. Couldn’t agree more Lisa. Some of the creations you see at the beach are amazing – then the tide comes in and washes them all away!

  5. joan graham says:

    love ur photos , joan graham

  6. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
    Good to hear you like the sandcastle photos.

  7. Five Star says:

    Wonderful pictures! Love your blog.

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