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It would appear parents and their children all love Facebook – and why wouldn’t they – it’s a great place to connect with family and friends and keep up-to-date on all the gossip.  It’s also a handy place for parents to keep a watchful eye on their little darlings :)

Don’t be Surprised…

But don’t be surprised if you find yourself a Facebook Unfriend when your children reach a certain adolescent age.

I found myself Facebook Unfriended when my oldest son was around 17.  I felt a little hurt and slightly unloved to be honest, but I wasn’t surprised.

Let’s face it, what 17 year old boy wants his mum looking over his shoulder and checking out his social scene? Thinking back to when I was 17, I certainly didn’t want my parents knowing all about my socialising. What about you?

Parents are so fortunate today…

When I was out and about as a teenager, my parents couldn’t contact me. The only way they knew I was okay was if I phoned them – from a public phone box!

Remember them?  When was the last time you used a public phone?  Do they still exist?  I guess they do, but I’m getting away from the point I wanted to make.

Parents today have around-the-clock access to their children via mobile phones – reassurance of their child’s well-being is but a text away.

How fortunate are parents today. Do you realise how much our own parents would have loved to be able to do that!

So don’t fear the Facebook Unfriend…

If you discover your kids have hit the Facebook Unfriend button (at a ‘suitable’ age of course) just shake off that unloved feeling in the knowledge you still have 24/7 access if you need it.

And don’t be concerned they wont answer your call or reply to your text. It’s been my experience that teenagers go onto auto-pilot when their mobile phone rings.  They just automatically answer or text without even realising they are doing it half the time. And if they don’t, you could always resort to threatening not to pay their mobile phone bill ;)

Oh, the joys of parenthood.

I wouldn’t be without it – would you?

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Jan Littlehales

7 Responses to “Raising Great Kids – Facebook Unfriend”

  1. Yes I know the feeling well of being facebook unfriended although my 15 yr old wouldn’t accept my ‘friendship request’ in the first place. lol I do have access to her account though and jump on it every so often to see what she’s up to. She seems to mainly use it for the chat function to ‘talk’ to her friends at night. I remember being on the phone for hours at night with friends so I guess the internet has definitely kept the phone free.

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Yes, I too can remember spending hours on the phone – and my Dad being not too happy about it! Same challenges today, just different devices!

  3. Belinda says:

    Hi Jan,
    When I read your post, I couldnt help but smile, this has happened to a few of my friends and my brother. I have all this in front of me, maybe I will be tracking my kids whereabouts by GPS on my phone :)

  4. Wilson says:

    Hi Jan,

    Its perfectly normal for a teenager to ‘unfriend’ you upon reaching a certain age maybe 16 or 17 so don’t feel sad about it. I think they would just like a little privacy with their social life and not have their parents constantly monitoring their wall. However there are few who are just not afraid to have their parents in their life. For example, myself haha. Great article Jan.Thanks!


  5. Yes, the later teenage years are very interesting ones, Tegan. As a parent, they take a bit of getting used :)
    Hi Wilson, Yes, parents have to give their teenagers some privacy so we shouldn’t feel sad. Roll on 10 years and he’ll probably invite me to be his friend again – to ask if I can baby sit – lol :)

  6. I think your son was being generous in waiting until he was almost 17 :) I expect that this threshold age will be decreasing quite rapidly. Yes, privacy is so important, so being a victim of the Facebook unfriend isn’t anything to be worried about. Better to have/earn your kid’s trust than force your kid to be your friend. That will just result in them setting up a fake account to appease you.

  7. I think you’re right David – some friends were unfriended much sooner!
    I’m not even tempted to check out his page – there’s bound to be at least one photo I don’t approve of! Better to stay clear and let him and his friends get on with it :)

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