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Many thanks to guest blogger Adam Riemer for this post on helping kids feel less homesick when they are at summer camp.

Adam consults to help people plan trips and find Broadway tickets and also has a website that sells kids pajamas Fun Kids Pajamas.

Thanks Adam :)

Summer camp is something that most kids look forward to each year.  They get to horseback ride, swim in a lake, go to campfires and more.

One thing that some first time campers don’t realize is that they may end up getting a bit homesick if it is their first time away from home without their parents.

Kids Feeling Homesick at Summer Camp

Here are 5 things that you can do to help make them feel less homesick so that they can enjoy summer camp and you can enjoy your time away from the kids:

Send self addressed envelopes and stamps with them

The thing that helped me get over my homesickness the most when at camp was writing home.  I got to tell my mom and dad what I was feeling and about all of the things we got to do.  It helped me get the feelings out and after I finished I would feel a lot better.

This is one of the most important things that you can do to help them fight off homesickness.

Spray cologne or perfume on their pillow or pillow case

A few weeks before your kids go to camp, make sure you remember to put on a bit of your favorite cologne or perfume.  By doing this you’ll help your kids associate the smell of the cologne or perfume and feel safe around it.  Then when they get to camp and it’s time for bed, they’ll have that comfortable scent with them.

One thing you’ll want to do is find out when laundry is and when it is time for their pillowcases to get washed, send them a new set with your perfume or cologne on it so it stays with them and keeps them feeling at home at night.

Take your kids shopping for bathrobes or pajamas that match your own

Whether its a girl’s bath robe or bath robes for toddler boys, if you buy a matching pair and you both wear them around the house before your kid goes to camp, they’ll associate it with the morning or being home.  By having that bathrobe at camp with them, the bath robe should help your kid to feel normal like he is at home with the bathrobe they associate with mornings at home.

Kids at Summer Camp

Set up practice sleepover parties with other kids

One thing that can help your child to overcome homesickness is by setting up sleepover parties with friends.  Try to find a couple of kids who have already been to summer camp before and since your kid will be going to summer camp in a few weeks, they’ll be able to talk about it and how much fun it is.

They can also ask their friends about their fears with it and what it is like.  This is a great way to help get your kids prepared for camp and to help prevent homesickness.

Care packages

One thing that always helped me when I was homesick at camp was getting a care package.  My mom would include fun things and always a hand written card.

The hand written card made me miss her at first, but when I would feel homesick at night, I would read it and go to bed and it would help me feel better.

Summer camp is one of the most memorable times of a kids life.  They get to meet new people, play games and have a summer long vacation.  Just remember to plan ahead for homesickness and do what you can to help them not feel as homesick while they are at camp.

Thanks again to Adam Riemer for this guest post.  Adam’s website Fun Kids Pajamas.

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9 Responses to “Helping Kids Feel Less Homesick at Summer Camp”

  1. Kerry Lea says:

    It is a shame for children attending camp to have it spoiled by homesickness. It is a lot of fun and a good experience, good to have some tips to help them get over these hurdles.

  2. I totally agree that children should be happy attending camp and not always spoiled by homesickness. This article has provide some useful tips in helping kids feel less homesick during their camp.

  3. Thanks for comments Wilson and Kerry,
    Adam has provided some great tips on helping kids feel less homesick during summer camp.

  4. Harry Lynn says:

    I must have been lucky as a kid, because I never had homesickness at all, but remember a boy at an Air training Corps camp who was so upset, his folks took him home……..very sad because he missed out on a flight. Boosted

  5. Thanks for dropping by Harry.
    Like you, I never had a problem with homesickness as a child, but I know it can be a real challenge for many children.

  6. Great advice in years to come for our baby Jackson.
    Though I’m sure we will do our share of camping over the years.

  7. Thanks Murray River Guide,
    Camping with young children is a lot of fun and great preparation for any summer camps they might go on when a bit older.

  8. tash says:

    well for me its not mostly homesickness but we are going on this camp for 2 weeks and I just keep worrying what if something bad happens to my parents and like what if I never see them again. We have no way to contact our parents and I have no idea how to get over this problem.

  9. Hi Tash,
    Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling anxious about the well-being of your parents.
    Perhaps you should let the camp organisers know how you’re feeling? Maybe they’d allow you a quick phone call to reassure you, or they may be able to make a phone call on your behalf?
    Feeling anxious when you’re away from your parents is not unusual – and your parents may be feeling anxious because you’re away from them too. Try and think positively and enjoy the camp – and look forward to arriving home in two weeks time and telling your parents all about the exciting things you have done.
    I’d also love to hear about your camp activities, so feel free to leave another comment.
    Jan :)

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