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Music for Kids

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of teaching many young children and teenagers to play piano.

Some children are more enthusiastic to practice and learn than others – and there are individuals who have amazing ‘natural talent’. But one thing remains the same.

They all develop a tremendous sense of determination, achievement and pride when they learn to play a piece of music they really like.  They’ll play it over and over and over – until they get it!  And they can hardly wait to perform their masterpiece for me at their next lesson.

Music for Kids

Music for Kids – The Primary School Band

Almost every Primary School has a School Band and there seems to be no shortage of enthusiastic players.  Children ‘try out’ for various instruments and before they know it they’re part of The Band.

It’s a wonderful way for a child to be part of a team and belong to something special. They get to play at various school events and even though the music isn’t always that great (be honest), you wont hear a word of complaint from any of the parents.

Music for kids is great, at whatever level!

Primary School Band


Music for Kids

But I don’t like playing Soccer!

From personal experience with my youngest son, I know all boys don’t enjoy playing soccer (or any other team sport for that matter) and I’m sure all girls don’t want to play netball.

But I believe being part of a team is important for children to experience, so the School Band can sometimes ‘fill the gap’ for those children who don’t particularly enjoy team sport.

My Child’s not interested in Music

Of course, some children have no interest whatsoever in learning to play a musical instrument – and that’s absolutely fine. There are plenty of other activities to try

Music for kids is just one of many options available to parents when raising great kids.

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Jan Littlehales

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10 Responses to “Music for Kids”

  1. Harry Lynn says:

    G’day Jan,
    Hope your birthday was a day of being spoiled. When I taught piano there was the occasional day when a student did as you said with a new piece – very uplifting after lots of them coming only because their parents insisted. After teaching Ashley Irwin, my best ever student [ now in Hollywood writing film scores etc,] and getting incredible joy from his progress and our interactive lessons I couldn’t face any more so I quit – for a year or so I thought, but it’s been over 30 years !

  2. I did have a great birthday Harry – thanks :)
    I can imaging your joy teaching Ashley Irwin. When you can see students progressing and just loving playing piano, teaching really is a joy.

  3. All 3 of my kids play an instrument and started in the school band. When they progressed to high school, they went to a school with an amazing music program so continue playing in the school orchestras and bands. My oldest 2 have done ameb exams but now that my son has left this year, I really don’t think he will continue which is a shame. At least he can read music, unlike his mother and father.

  4. Hi Jackie,
    How wonderful that all 3 of your children have enjoyed playing a musical instrument. Many high schools have fantastic music programs so the progression from primary to high school band is a great option for many enthusiastic musicians. The AMEB exams in Australia are also a great way for musicians to keep progressing with their chosen instrument and give them a goal to aim for.

  5. Lisa Wood says:

    We don’t have any music talent in our family…actually David’s mum can play the piano but no one else has the passion for music! Our boys like the idea of playing a guitar but don’t want to learn how to :)

    Its true – music is good or sports is good for kids!


  6. Growing up I was ‘forced’ to play an instrument and I really resented it. Grrrr… But as an adult now I love to play music, a different instrument mind you. I am in a different head space though – I want to play. I think that if you’re looking to encourage your kid to play music they need to want to play as well or they’ll never really embrace it to its full potential.

  7. Doctor Bill says:

    Unfortunately I was made to learn the violin when I really wanted to play the Piano. As as result I can play neither. However my elder daughter now plays my violin. It required some restoration work recently and was found to be a very valuable instrument made by some famous violin maker.
    However I did learn to play a brass instrument which I enjoyed very much. Played in brass bands for many years with some success.
    My five children have all played some musical instrument.

  8. Hi Doctor Bill,
    What a wonderful story about the violin.
    You know it’s never too late to learn to play piano Doctor Bill :)

    Hi Lisa,
    I smiled, thinking about a piano on your motor home – but a guitar, now that would fit :)

    Hi David,
    You’re right. Children have to want to learn to play a musical instrument. If they are forced, it rarely ends well – not to mention a waste of well earned money.

    Thanks for dropping by guys :)

  9. Very nice story. Indeed, the benefits it has created in early learning give a significant advantage to those children who are introduced to music and singing at their young age. These children are very lucky to have you as their instructor.

    Website: Family Christian Resources

  10. Hi Jess,
    Glad you enjoyed my post on music for kids. The introduction to music at an early age certainly can have significant advantages. Thanks for dropping by.

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