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Want to tire the kids out, so they’ll sleep well tonight?

Well, here’s my Top 10 Outdoor Activities for Kids list, without breaking the bank account!

Go Walking

Walking in The Lake District

If you live near the coast, how about a family walk on the beach
If you’re a city dweller, chances are there will be a park near by
If you live near the mountains – buy yourself and the kids some hiking boots and off you go

Go Cycling

Cycling near Sydney Airport

Cycle paths are appearing all over the place in Sydney and I image it’s much the same in other cities

For the more adventurous, try mountain biking

If children are still young, many parks have mini cycle roads where kids can ride their bikes and scooters

Go Fishing

Fishing on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

Watch a child catch their first fish, and they’re hooked :)

Fish in rivers, lakes or the ocean – safely of course

For a guaranteed catch of the day, visit a fish farm

Go to the Zoo

Sydney Zoo

If you live near a zoo, it might be worth buying an annual pass

Smaller animal sanctuaries are also lots of fun to visit

Don’t let the rain stop you. Often animals are more active on wet days – take a brolly

Go to the Beach

North Curl Curl Beach Sydney

Live near the coast? Then why not spend a morning or afternoon at the beach

Have a sandcastle building competition

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Go Play with a Ball

Shot Put Practice

If your kids are sporty, then playing with a ball might be one of their top 10 outdoor activities for kids

And kids don’t just kick balls – they throw them, catch them, pass them, hit them and even shot put them!

Just find a place with some open space and you’re onto a winner

Go Fly a Kite

From Mary Poppins Musical

I was reminded of this wonderful outdoor activity when I recently saw Mary Poppins

If the wind’s blowing, grab a kite and have some amazing fun

You can even make your own kite

Go Gardening

Gardening at Grandad's

As well as being a great outdoor activity, gardening is educational and helpful

You don’t even have to leave home to do this one

Weeding, watering, planting and mowing – it can all happen in your own back yard

Go to your local Park

Roseville National Park Sydney

Many parks have BBQ’s

There’s often a children’s playground in parks

Take the deck chairs and do some relaxing as well – if you get a chance!

Go for a Picnic

Picnic on shore of Hooker Glacier Lake New Zealand

Pack a yummy picnic and find a nice place to eat it

Take a picnic with you to any of the above outdoor activities for kids

Take some extra bread, just in case you get a chance to feed the ducks :)

So, there you have my Top 10 Outdoor Activities for Kids – that wont cost a fortune!

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Thanks for reading another Raising Great Kids Blog.

Jan Littlehales

10 Responses to “Top 10 Outdoor Activities for kids”

  1. Lisa Wood says:

    There is some great outdoor activities for kids – I really like the idea of the picnic and the beach.

    Our boys are so active so we try to head outdoors every day. The zoo yearly passes are the best – we had one for Australia Zoo last year…..and yes we went there even in the rain!!


  2. Rita says:

    This post has so many great outdoor activities for kids, there is really no excuse not to do at least 5 of these activities each year.
    When My kids were little we used to walk miles each week. We would visit the community Farm, the parks and walk to the swimming pool.
    it was fun

  3. Jenny Locke says:

    What a fabulous list of ideas. We are so lucky to have a climate where we can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

  4. Ahh – what great ideas for outdoor activities for kids. But I would not limit them to kids, they are great for adults as well.
    Come think of it – I think I have to get my kite out of the shed and fly it again!


  5. When the kids were younger, we were always looking for free or cheap outdoor activities for our kids. Picnics were a huge favourite as well as going to the beach. There is plenty to do outdoors, you only have to be a little creative.

  6. Thanks for comments Jackie, Renee, Jenny, Rita and Lisa,
    Seems like you are all keen outdoor activities people. We have such a great climate in Australia there really is no excuse :)

  7. Kerry Lea says:

    Hi Jan
    Always good to get the children outdoors, especially with so many people these days low in vitamin D.

    Flying a kite brings back memories of making a kite out of sticks and brown paper, the kites today are quite fancy.

  8. Thanks for dropping by Kerry,
    It seems strange that people should be low in Vitamin D in a country like Australia. I guess the slip slap slop hasn’t helped, but then we don’t want to get sun burnt either!
    You’re right about some of the kites today being fancy. There’s a place not far from where I live that’s perfect for flying a kite and some of the kites I see there are amazing – and massive too!

  9. mjhighroad says:

    One of the best activities, at this time of the year, where I live is cross country skiing. My kids started that before they could walk – on daddies back of course.

  10. I’ve never tried cross country skiing with my boys, but we’ve skied together since they could walk and I agree it’s a fantastic family activity. Maybe my next blog post :)

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