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Go to almost any patrolled beach in Australia on a Sunday morning during the summer months and you’ll see plenty of great kids taking part in Nippers.

What is Nippers?

Nippers was started in the late 1960′s to recruit young members into Surf Lifesaving Australia (S.L.S.A.).  It’s open to children aged 5-13 and it’s aim is to increase children’s awareness, confidence and knowledge in a beach environment.  It was hoped that many Nippers children would go on to become Junior and Senior Surf Lifesavers.  The program has been a huge success.

Raising Great Kids at Nippers

Getting your kids involved in Nippers is just another way of raising great kids.  They have heaps of fun taking part in all the activities and they get to meet loads of new friends.  It really is a wonderful way to build a child’s confidence.  The skills they learn both in and out of the water are with them for life – and many do go on to become Junior and Senior Lifesavers.

What if my Child doesn’t like the Beach?

I know exactly what you mean.  Both my boys tried Nippers.  My eldest loved it and went on to become a Junior Lifesaver.  He also spends a lot of time at the beach surfing with his mates.  He just loves everything about the beach.

My youngest – well, he just didn’t like it.  One season at Nippers was quite enough for him – and it wasn’t just Nippers, he just didn’t enjoy being at the beach.  He still doesn’t – and that’s okay.  There are plenty of other activities he gets involved in.

It really would be a boring world if everybody enjoyed the same things – not to mention crowded on the beaches!

Nippers - Branch Carnival - lining up for board paddle

The Surf Lifesaving Cap

Nippers kids wear the Aussie surf lifesaving cap with pride.  It’s almost an Australian icon in itself.  It might not be the most attractive looking cap, but it is widely recognized around the world.  When I lived in England, a surf lifesaving cap made me think of fit, young, healthy Aussies at the beach.  Even though I didn’t know it was a surf lifesaving cap at the time, I recognized it as being Australian and something to do with the beach.  Years later I’m on an Australian beach with my son – a fit, young, healthy Aussie.  My thoughts back in England all those years prior were spot on!

Give Nippers a Go

If you have young children and live near the beach, why not give Nippers a try.

Thanks for reading another Raising Great Kids Blog.

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Jan Littlehales

4 Responses to “Raising Great Kids – Nippers”

  1. Lizzy says:

    Hi Jan,

    I certainly think Nippers is a fantastic way for Great Kids to spend their time. So much fun, so much to learn and so good for them.

    Well done on your blog. I’m really enjoying it :-)

    .-= Lizzy´s last blog ..Inspirational People – Tony Christiansen =-.

  2. Lina Nguyen says:

    Hi Jan

    You live on the Sydney northern beaches, don’t you? Wow, you’re sooo lucky! And so are your kids! Something like this is such a great thing to be involved in!

    .-= Lina Nguyen´s last blog ..Taking the leap to work for yourself =-.

  3. Thanks for your comments Lina and Lizzie. Yes, we do live on Sydney’s northern beaches and it is a wonderful place to raise great kids.

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